Boat Race fixtures 2023

On the 5th of February, the ULBC squad raced CUBC on the Championship course for the first set of UL boat race fixtures since early 2020


Having been in the crew for a day, the first eight lined up first. Cambridge took the lead out the start, taking a canvas lead through the black buoy. With the first bend in their favour, this was extended to a ¾ length lead. Despite a strong show from the UL crew to hold them off, Cambridge then extended this to just over a length, and, in true boat race style, their cox took advantage of this to cross over into the UL station. After several warnings from the umpire, Cambridge eventually moved back off the UL station. A huge final push from the UL crew after Hammersmith saw a move back towards Cambridge, drawing them back to a final verdict of 1.5L at the top of the island. Swapping stations for the second piece, both crews had quick starts. Making the most of the inside bend past St.Pauls, CUBC took an early lead, which they held through to the final bend, where a last-minute UL push reeled it back to another final verdict of 1.5L


The UL women’s 2nd eight raced the CUBC 2nd crew for three pieces down the track. In the first, CUBC took an early lead, which they held to the end to win by 2L. The 2nd race proved far more exciting, with the UL crew taking a ½ length lead. This close race got even closer and saw multiple clashes between the crews, which led to a UL DQ decision from the Umpire ¾ into the piece. The 3rd price was equally exciting, seeing the crews trading blows the whole way, with Cambridge just pipping the UL crew in the final 200m by 1/3L.



The ULBC Men’s 1st took on the CUBC 2nd. After a rapid start, Cambridge took the lead, taking ¾ length by the black buoy. Cambridge took multiple warnings, having crossed over onto the Ul station. Taking advantage of the inside bend coming towards Hammersmith and CUBC warnings, UL pushed on, drawing Cambridge back in, pulling ahead by Harrods. The UL crew then pulled to a ½ length lead under Hammersmith and continued moving on them until the finish of the first piece, with a final verdict of 1¼L. In the 2nd piece, in a closer race to the line, the UL men took the win by just over a canvas on the outside of the final bend.


The ULBC Men’s 2nd took on the CUBC lightweight men. Cambridge took an early lead out the blocks, moving out to clear water to allow them to take the better water. By Chiswick steps, Cambridge took the win by 6L. The second piece was closer, with a final margin of 4L.

The 1st eight fixtures can be rewatched at:

End of the men’s 1st 8 race:


Photo credit: AllMarkOne.

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