Frequently Asked Questions

Training Information

Squad: 50-70 Athletes

Sessions: 10-12 split between water, ergos and S&C

Where: Training takes place as a whole squad at the ULBC boathouse facility in Chiswick.

What is the program like?

The program is competitive and tough. It is primarily an eights program, centered around the student events offered at Henley Royal Regatta. 

The top athletes have gone on to complete in both the sweep and sculling teams for Great Britain at U23s & Senior Worlds and at the Olympic Games.

Are Scholarships available?

Individual financial scholarships based on Academic or Sporting ability are available from each of the University of  London Colleges. They need to be applied for through the individual colleges, the coaching team are on hand to help with this process. 

How do I select accommodation?

Each college has its own halls of residence available, as well as University of London inter-collegiate halls. The coaches have a list of halls that are preferred when combining academics with rowing. On top of this the UL Boathouse has a bunk room available to all freshers to use the night before early morning sessions.  If you require help, please contact the coaching team. 

Where and what are the students studying?

The team is drawn from all 18 colleges, studying a variety of degrees. Up to a third of the students are studying medicine. If you would like to be put in contact with a student who is currently studying at your chosen college or course, please contact the coaching team. 

Rowing for Great Britain

ULBC has a proven track record  of moving athletes into the GB Under 23 and Senior team. There have been UL athletes at every Olympic Games since the 1960’s, an is one of the major contributors to the U23 team each year. 

How do I get to the Boathouse?

The Boathouse is situated in Chiswick a 2 minute walk from Chiswick mainline which is 20 minutes to London Waterloo. Alternatively you can cycle to the Boathouse, and there are places to lock your bike. 

What are the rowing costs?

ULBC has the lowest rowing costs for athletes of any university in the UK. It is supported through an Alumni Trust, who help to facilitate this.  

“Being part of the large, high-performance, competitive programme at UL is extremely exciting and rewarding. Nothing beats the feeling of smashing up and down the tideway in an armada of eights. Every single day I look forward to walking into the ULBC gym and training alongside like-minded individuals who have all bought into the programme and are working towards the common goal of winning races and adding to the incredibly rich history of the club.


ULBC has not only significantly progressed my rowing, but has developed me into a stronger individual and a better teammate. The culture and ethos of the club is incomparable to anywhere I’ve seen, and is just one of the reasons which I will always be proud to wear purple.”

Tom Worthington

University college london, ucl

“I was drawn to ULBC as a junior by the opportunity to row at a high performance level alongside gaining a great degree, but since joining I have found it is so much more than just that! The strong sense of family within the squad created by training together as one combined with the excellent programme and highly driven and supportive people creates an unmatched environment that enables everyone to achieve in all aspects of life. Since joining in 2018, I have been offered so many opportunities and have been supported to do things I never thought I could, from racing at U23 worlds as a fresher and pulling PBs I never thought possible, to making great memories and lifelong friends, all alongside balancing a hugely rewarding degree. I have loved my experience so far and look forward with excitement to see where we can go in the near future!”

Georgie Robinson Ranger

St george's, univeristy of london

“UL is a great place to be a student athlete. With a foundation of almost 200 years, rowing at the iconic west London boathouse makes you feel part of history. 


Striving for high performance on and off the water has had a positive compounding effect on my life. I’m a medical doctor, entrepreneur and former Olympic rower who was fortunate to be able to balance medical school with the demands of UL rowing, which led to spending four years with the Great Britain Olympic team at the London 2012 Olympiad.”


Cam Nichol

University College London, UCL

“UL taught and encouraged me to always strive to be the best version of myself as an athlete, student and in all aspects of life.  Whilst rowing at UL I learnt how to dedicate myself and work hard alongside incredible people.Since finishing rowing, the lessons that I learnt motivate and give me confidence to transfer these skills into a career in business.


Rowing at UL means that you are part of something much bigger than a rowing team, you make up part of the long standing legacy of the club. This legacy is what makes ULBC so special and something that I will enjoy being part of for many years.”

Lottie Bruce

Kings College London


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