Winter Heads & Fixtures

Most winter racing was cancelled because of the huge streams caused by the record winter rain. The squad finally managed to race at the Hammersmith Head. The Women’s first eight won, 3s ahead of Molesey; the Men’s first eight came third, the women’s second in 5th, men’s second 10th, and women’s third as 6th in intermediate eights. This was the first race in purple for many of the athletes!

Next, the Women’s squad raced Oxford as part of their prep for the boat race. After some last-minute crew changes & substitutions, Oxford beat the UL women’s squad in 2 half-course pieces. In the boat race itself, ULBC alumni were ever present,

  • Siobhan Cassidy (UL 91-94) now President of the Boat Race, dressed “neutrally” in purple at the press receptions.
  • Annie Sharp raced in the Oxford Blue Boat, and
  • Matilda Horn coached the CUBC women.

Women’s Head, Men’s Head and Vet’s Head

After questions of cancellation due to weather & strong streams, both the Women’s head and Men’s heads went ahead . ULBC entered three eights into WEHORR, and two eights and a Tyrian eight into HORR. Tyrian also entered an eight into Vets’ head.

WEHORR, -The women’s first eight finished 4th – the fastest student crew just 5s off Thames in 3rd – the highest a ULBC eight has placed at the head in 20+ years.

Four of this crew were awarded their racing whites for the first time. The second eight came in 24th, 13 places higher than last years’ second eight. The third eight came 68th.

HORR – the men’s first eight placed 12th (2nd in University pennant), a strong result for a fairly young crew, with five earning their whites for the first time. The second came 41st, placing 2nd fastest 2nd eight. In a remarkably technical row in a crew made up of 2019-23 leavers, The Tyrian crew came 80th – the fastest alumni eight,, beating Nonesuch BC & Blue Star. The next day, at the Veteran’s HORR, the Tyrian eight placed 2nd in Master’s F eights, behind a TSS crew.

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