THE UL ANNUAL DINNER 2018 – Celebrating the successes of ’68, ’78, ’88, ’98, ’08 & 2018

Saturday night saw 180 alumni, guests & students enjoy an evening celebrating ULBC’s results in 2018 and our successes in 1968, ’78, ’88, ’98 and ’08.

Senate House again played host to the ULBC Annual Dinner. Our first guest speaker was Pat Wright, a member of the 1968 UL Grand winning crew and British Olympic eight. Pat shared his special stories & experiences from the Tideway to Henley and on to the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games. In celebration of the University of London being the first university in the UK to accept female students 150 years ago this year, our second speaker was three-time Olympian and Olympic Silver medal winner, Jess Eddie. Both Pat and Jess spoke on the impact UL had on them and the opportunities being part of the club provided them with.

Since last year’s dinner campaign we have managed to increase annual subscriptions again. Thank you for supporting the club through your generous donations & support. This small increase allows us to continue supporting the next generation of UL athletes. If you’d like to increase your annual / monthly donation or start giving visit:

This year UL won Women’s Championship Eights at BUCS Regatta for for the first time ever. We are now raising money to purchase a new women’s eight. If you’d like to support the campaign please visit:


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