Girls J14 Quads

This event looks a pretty straightforward choice which I’m sure won’t surprise anyone who reads this.  Henley Rowing Club won the scullery by a huge 36 seconds and were a large chunk ahead again at Inter Regionals.  Barring a shipwreck they will take gold but it could be a scrap behind for the other medals between Maidenhead, Trafford and Marlow.

We’re also backing Henley to take double gold with their second quad winning the other quad event.  They combined well to pip Headington at Marlow Spring in the octo so have depth throughout their squad and so cannot see anyone challenging them.


Boys J14 Quads

This is a tough event to predict.  With Trentham winning by a good margin at the scullery we think that this should be enough for them to keep the top spot.  Behind that we can see a good fight between Trentham, Warrington and Henley who are part of a very strong junior section at the club at the moment.  Westminster as well have a strong tradition of producing fast quads and with their second crew the fastest of the B crews at the scullery will push them on to maybe a medal.

We believe that strength in depth helps push a squad on and so we are going to predict that Westminster will win the second quad event and hold their position from the Scullery.

Girls J14 Octuples

The octuple events rely on a lot of strength in depth and if you look at the scullery results both LEH and Kings School Chester have this in droves both having their A and B crews in the top six.  Along with Headington who were 2nd and had a quad that did well we can’t see any other club or school having the strength in depth to compete with these historically good schools.  We are going to go for Kings Chester to hang onto the top spot as having the strength in depth will have kept them on their toes.


Boys J14 Octuples

There seems to be a theme running through that schools and clubs with really good second crews also have really good first crews.  Large squad numbers makes everyone have to look over their shoulder and with Hampton having the fastest A crew at the Scullery and the fastest B crew we can’t see anyone who will have had to work harder for their seat than them.  After that Dulwich, Kings Chester and Kings College School had a good performance at the Scullery and will fight it out for the minor medals.

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