The Trust



The UL Trust is a charitable organisation setup to support student rowing at the University of London. The Trust receives donations and support from alumni, students and friends of ULBC.


A significant proportion of the ULBC programme is funded by  the Trust. The Donations made to the Trust are used to purchase boats and equipment, kit, subsidise camps, cover entry fees, provide professional coaching and much more.



The Trust has different tiers:


Members – Those paying annual subs


Patrons – Those paying in excess of £250 annually (recognised by a Purple oar pin). 


Make a Donation

For donations of different amounts, please contact the trust directly.


£ 120 per year
  • Support ULBC


£ 250 per year
  • Support ULBC

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ULBC Trustees


David Townsend


Zoe Parish

Treasurer & Secretary

Gilles Monnickendam


Gordon Elliot

Committee members

Rusty Williams
David Townsend
John Kinnear
Nigel Press
Simon Rey
Lottie Bruce
Humphry Hatton
Peter Brett
Daniel Walker
Nathan Reilly O'Donnell

ULBC Patrons

Andy Bayles, Junayd Bell, Paul Bennett, Peter Blaseby, Richard Boomer, Rob Bristow, Tom Broadway, Charlie Brook-Partridge, Richard Budgett, John Burch, Iain Burnett, Bruce Carter, Adrian Cassidy, Siobhan Cassidy, Andy Ciecierski, Robert Clegg, James Cook, David Cooper, George Cox, Gordon Elliott, Clint Evans, Stewart Farquharson, Graham Faultless, Mostyn Field, Charles Foinette, Tim Foster MBE, Adrian Friend, Geraint Fuller, Richard Fulton, Max Gander, Chris George, Philip Gray, Humphry Hatton, Ruth Hatton, Maurice Hayes, Simon Henderson, Glen Hill, Graham Hodgson, Frances Houghton, Alan Houston, Mark Howe, Kathryn Hughes, Steven Hughes, Alice Jackson, Simon Jefferies, Curt Kaufmann, David Kingsley, John Kinnear, Timothy Kirk, James Kirwan, Kirk Krappe, David Latham, Bill Latimer, Filip Ljubicic, Andy Lobbenberg, Dave Martinelli, Andrew Matheson, Giles Monnickendam, Kevin Mullane, Luke Nolan, Phil Norman, Pasha Okhotin, Michael Orr, Jeremy Page, Matt Parish, Zoe Parish, Phil Peacock, Rob Pinckney, Matthew Pinckney, Will Porteous, Nigel Press, Jeff Reeves, Louise Reilly-O’Donnell, Nathaniel Reilly-O’Donnell, Simon Rey, Claire Rimmer, Damien Rimmer, Julian Rodd, Joshua Slocombe, Graham Smith, Ben Smith, Trevor Smith, David Sprague, Matt Stallard, Matt Stares, Jamie Stearns, Gavin Stoddart, Paul Stuart-Bennett, Sophia Supple, Dermod Sweeney, Kirkby Tickell, Alex Torbica, David Townsend, Martin Usherwood, Daniel Walker, David Warbrick-Smith, Stef Wasilewski, Paul Wensley, Damian West, Rusty Williams, Ian Wilson, Mike Worley, Pat Wright, Mark Yale


For any inquiries please email