The University of London’s team is made up of approximately 70+ athletes with a 50/50 split between Women and Men. All athletes train together as one team, and follow the same training programme and times.


ULBC has a strong Team ethos, where the Men and Women’s programs train alongside each other, as one.  The coaching team work with all athletes, in a large competitive environment, where the entire squad of 70+ athletes train together. 


ULBC is student focused, with our athletes aiming to achieve both academic and sporting success. Each year the leading athletes from the program go on to represent Great Britain.  


ULBC is a British Rowing High Performance Center.

The team is supported by full time coaches, S&C support, boatman, volunteer coaches and an athlete advocate.


Being at ULBC allowed me to not only become a better athlete but provided me with an incredibly strong sense of family. One of my favourite aspects of training at ULBC was the mutual sense of respect and friendship created between the men’s and women’s squads through putting in the miles together and training as a whole squad, rather than separate groups. During my years at ULBC I was able to become successful as an athlete whilst learning about the type of athlete and person I wanted to be, due to ULBC’s ethos of the individual being more than just another number to fill a seat.”

Charlotte Hodgkins Byrne

Royal Holloway

For me, the best thing about rowing at UL is being able to combine a high quality sporting, academic and social life. The quality of the programme allows me to set ambitious rowing goals, while studying at a world top 10 university provides exciting career prospects.”

Isaac Workman

University College London, UCL

UTAH - 2019-24

I wanted to row for UL as soon as I found out I’d be attending King’s College London. Studying Medicine often includes 9-5 days, but the structure of the training programme always allows me to fit it in. The atmosphere at the club is incredibly driven due to so many of us studying highly academic courses – watching your teammates coming back from an 8 hour day and smashing a PB drives us constantly to find our new best. The history of ULBC is amazing to be a part of, something so much bigger than ourselves. It provides huge amounts of motivation to push on and continue the legacy that’s presided us, whilst receiving constant support from the Trust. My years here have definitely given me friends for life and I’m excited to see how much further we can go in the coming years.”

Emily Lindberg

Kings College London

I joined ULBC in 2013 straight from Eton Excelsior Rowing Club where I spent my junior career. Since then I have watched UL women’s squad transform from a smaller squad to becoming one of the top university boat clubs in the country. The results achieved by the club over this time show the standard that has been built up over the years. The culture and atmosphere of the club brings out the best in everyone and helps to push to the level they want to achieve.

Graduating with a degree from the University of London has set me up for a career and I gained valuable knowledge from studying in the city. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a high-performance squad from 2013 – 2018, where I was able to achieve my sporting goals alongside my academics.”

Ally French

Birkbeck, University London

“I started rowing at UL in 2017 alongside my  PhD at UCL and it has been a central part of my postgraduate education. UL has allowed me to be a complete student athlete due to the excellently designed programme that is very tough but can also accommodate busy academic schedules. In addition to this it has provided me the unique opportunity to train and compete in a high performance environment where I am constantly pushed to achieve my full potential. Most importantly the strong sense of team and brotherhood that is at UL is like no other I have experienced and I certainly know I have made friends for life.”

Yiana Shakespeare

University College London, UCL

“Experiencing university life in London is unmatched, with the countless opportunities and friendships that ULBC will provide lasting you forever. Summer months post-exams spent rowing and competing at Henley are some of my fondest memories at the club.”

Ben Freeman

University College London, UCL


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