HENLEY ROYAL RACING & ALUMNI EVENTS – ULBC schedule for 2018 Regatta

Temple Challenge Cup:
10:15 University of London A vs. Pembroke & Clare, Cambridge
18:40 University of London B vs. Trinity College, Dublin
Prince Albert Challenge Cup:
16:20 University of London vs. D.S.R. Laga, NED
Visitors’ Challenge Cup:
University of London vs. London R.C. & Leander Club
Remenham Challenge Cup:
Leander Club & University of London – given a first round bye
Town Challenge Cup:
University of London vs. Princeton T.C., USA
University of London & Agecroft RC vs. Lyon, FRA & Melbourne Uni., AUS
The Stonor Challenge Trophy
University of London & Nottingham R.C. – given a first round bye
SATURDAY Row overs in Lunch & Tea intervals
1968 University of London Grand Challenge Cup winning crew
1988 University of London & Leander Club Grand Challenge Cup winning crew
ULBC HRR events
Friday – Alumni Hog Roast (lunch interval)
Saturday – UL BBQ (after the last race)
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