Jake Figi – UL rower, UCL medical student | Fighting COVID on the front line

“Not long ago I was preparing to race HORR in the UL 2nd Eight. Of course, we all know the race was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic. Now, three weeks later, I’m on my 1.5-hour journey home from Barnet Hospital after finishing my second week of working alongside the incredible team there. I’ve already worked harder and learned more than I have over any stretch of my degree so far. This is what makes student athletes at UL a little different to other rowing teams.

COVID has taken away something from everyone, and forced some of us towards the front lines of medicine far earlier than anyone could have predicted (of course we’re all volunteers, but those of us who can help have a duty to work). I can’t lie, the work has been difficult, but it’s like moving a boat. Because everyone here is working their hardest everyday it feels almost easy. It has been tough for everyone, but hopefully sometime soon we’ll all be back together and on the water. In the meantime, it’s time for me to get back on the erg.”

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