1. Entry Details

1.1. Entries must have been received by 4th December at 10pm. Ensuring that the full entry form is completed including any doubling up issues and the medical conditions of every athletes competing. Also if they have them, BR numbers of any rower that is registered should also be included in a separate email if possible. No entries will be accepted without a cox’s name and initials. Entries will not be received without payment. Each entry should be on a separate form.

1.2. Contact details:

Lottie Bruce (Women’s Captain)        email:

James Richards (Men’s Captain)        email:

1.3.  Payments are to be made by internet transaction or cheque, further details will be sent once entries are received. Crews will not be able to race without payment.

1.4. ULBC does not accept any responsibility for entry forms ‘lost’ on the way to ULBC. It is the college captain’s responsibility to ensure that entry forms have been received.

1.5. The classification for these events are as follows:

Novice = As for the ARA novice. With a supplementary requirement to have rowed for less than six months and  having not won a race.

Intermediate = currently at the level of novice on the British Rowing points system or rowed for more than six months.

Senior = any crew with points.

All entrants must be registered as students at the affiliated college of their boat club. NO non-students rowers are eligible to race.

1.6. For a novice crew, IT IS A REQUIREMENT THAT a non-novice (i.e. competent and experienced) cox is part of the crew. [This is a mandatory safety requirement and ULBC is not willing to risk THE LIVES OF college athletes for the sake of racing novice coxes on the Tideway.] Each novice cox should have undertaken AT LEAST 30 hours of tideway coxing experience.

1.7. No competitor may compete for another club in the month before the regatta.  This is to encourage the growth of college boat clubs, which is a key principle of the Allom cup.

1.8. Captains must ensure that they only enter competent crews and that their crews are properly prepared for the race. Crews should be able to complete a 6km outing, and should be prepared to be on the water for as long as a continuous outing of one hour. They should all also be aware of the navigational rules and each one should have read the complete site at this link.

1.9. A summary of the key points of this is provided below under the head NAVIGATION RULES SUMMARY

1.10. There will be a meeting for coxes at 5pm on Wednesday 2nd December in the lounge at the boathouse . All coxes MUST attend and all will be required to sign in at the meeting. A failure to attend will mean that the crew WILL NOT RACE.

1.11. If a captain/coach decides to scratch a crew then ULBC must be informed one hour before racing begins. This prevents delays.

1.12. No crew will be allowed to change status after an entry has been made.

1.13. The regatta committee reserves the right to move a crew up in status.

1.14. A full list of results will be available online from Monday 12th December. Prizes will be presented after the end of racing in the boathouse lounge.

1.15. The crew to win Senior Mens 8+ will be presented the Allom Cup and the equivalent ladies crew will win the Lady Anne Regrave Prize.

2. Registration

2.1.  From 7.30am on the Saturday there will be a registration and help desk set up in the UL office at the rear of the club. On arrival, please check in at this desk to confirm your entry. Throughout the day help will be available from “Race Control” in the UL office at the rear of the club.

3. Safety

3.1. The weather in December can be cold and wet. Hypothermia is a real danger and crews MUST ensure that they have sufficient warm SUITABLE clothing on the water with them. We will not let crews boat if we believe they are at a risk from the conditions. TRACKSUITS PARTICULARLY BOTTOMS SHOULD NOT BE LOOSE FITTING BUT SHOULD BE SKIN TIGHT AND NOT WORN HALF TAKEN OFF ROUND THE FEET.

3.2. ULBC does not accept any liability for crews or their equipment (other than by its negligence found in a Court of law).

3.3. The river is not closed and is open to usual motor vessels and river traffic. This may mean some races are delayed to accommodate them, but also that crew members should remain vigilant at all times.

3.4. Random checks of boats will be carried out by one of the marshals operating from the hard. Any boat found to be unsafe will not be allowed to race.  Please make sure that before approaching the hard all boats have:

  • An approved bow-ball securely attached to the bow
  • Secure hatches for all buoyancy compartments
  • No holes in the canvases
  • Secure heel restraints for all rowing shoes
  • COMPLIANT ARA identification on the side of the boat (i.e. Arial-type font – greater than 60mm high – contrasting colours to hull – three letter three number – and a register of identity at the club) Tape and felt tip alternatives not acceptable. The RWSA will be checking and will take action against any clubs not complying fully in all respects)
  • Comply with the ARA Water Safety Code

3.5. All coxswains MUST be wearing an approved lifejacket or buoyancy aid.

3.6. The safety adviser, in consultation with the Chief Controller, reserves the right to deny permission to race any crew which is, in his opinion, not competent to race and may be a hazard to itself and other competitors. The Chief Umpire or Chairman of the Race committee however will have the final say on whether a crew is unsafe to race (in this case Jerry Mitchell is chief umpire).

4. The Course

4.1. The course is approximately 800m long, being raced from the UL boathouse to Mortlake, Anglian and Alpha BC with the Ebb tide and in reverse with the Flood tide.

5. Boating and Marshalling

5.1. There will be marshals at the Boathouse directing boating. However, ensuring that you are on time for your race is your responsibility.

5.2. Crews must PAIR UP with their racing partner BEFORE BOATING. Crews should boat at least 40 minutes prior to the start of their race and report to the start marshals no later than 10 minutes before the start of their race.

5.3. In order to keep the regatta to the timetable races may be started without absentees or latecomers so PLEASE BE ON TIME.

6. Navigation Rules Summary

6.1. The PLA Notice to Mariners Upper Number 6 (2002) applies throughout the regatta. Every competitor should be aware of this before he or she rows and a copy can be found at Registry.

6.2. The essential points are:

6.2.1. There is a fairway (navigational channel), which is about 35 m wide and is bounded by the rather narrow two buttresses of Kew Rail Bridge at the start and the two buttresses of Chiswick Bridge at the finish. This is the line of deep water and its location varies being nearer Surry at the start.

6.2.2. The fairway is divided into two channels by an ‘invisible’, notional line in its middle. It is not (often) in the middle of the river! Going down stream (ebb) the Starboard station is the right hand (Surrey) side of this central notational line. That means that the Port station is the Middlesex side and NO CREWS ARE ALLOWED INTO THIS PART OF THE RIVER GOING DOWN STREAM. It is reserved for motor vessels navigating up stream. (See the circulation plan).  In particular, watch out for the Harbour Master’s launch as he is expected and keep out of his way by steering to Starboard – cox’s right side.

6.2.3. If a motor vessel is found to be coming upstream on your station or there is any risk of a collision the race will be stopped and you will be asked to steer to the far right side of the fairway but not so far as to endanger yourself with rowing traffic coming upstream using the NTMU6 rules. The race may be restarted in the relative positions or re rowed.

6.2.4. If there is a collision risk, steer – well in advance – to the right as the cox sees it. If in doubt easy and stop.

7. The Start

7.1. Crews must report to the start marshals upstream of the start in the marshalling area as directed on the circulation plan at least 10 minutes before race time. They must only pull out into the stream when there is no traffic coming downstream and at the instruction of the marshal. Their duty of care to avoid collisions overrides any marshal’s instructions so you need to look out regardless (as the marshal may not have seen something that you can see).  The Marshal will remind the crew on which station they are racing. Coxes must adhere to marshal’s instructions while waiting to race.

7.2. Please ensure that you aware of which race is going on before yours so that you can be ready with ‘tops off’ in time to start. As soon as the race before yours has started the crew should be getting down to race kit. Crews will be called to the start as soon as the previous race is a safe distance away and the wash has settled and it is considered safe so to do.

7.3. The start will be a free start with the umpires launch positioned to the side of the crews. The umpire will instruct the crews directly to gain an alignment. Please react promptly to any instructions given. It is the cox’s responsibility to ensure that his/her boat remains straight while under starter orders

7.4. During alignment please be patient, follow instructions and do not attempt to gain any unsporting advantage. This will merely delay the start and may lead to disqualification.

7.5. When the umpire is satisfied that the boats are aligned, the race will be started, after a roll call of the racing crews, as follows:



8. The Race

8.1. Coxes must stay in their own water and adhere to any steering instructions given by the umpire, who will be following the race. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.

8.2. The finish of the race will be indicated by a horn blast as crews cross the line. Crews should show good sportsmanship behaviour at the finish, before commencing their wind down.

9. Returning to the Boathouse

9.1. Please take EXTREME CARE when returning to the boathouse. Follow all navigation rules, once again following all instructions given by marshals and the route shown on the circulation plan with these instructions.

9.2. On return to the boathouse you must not interfere with any racing crews. If necessary you must stop your boat, draw in your blades and let a racing crew pass you.

10. General

10.1. In the event of a serious transgression of rules, (e.g. endangering other crews or cheating), ULBC may not only disqualify the crew involved but all crews from that club. ULBC have the right to disqualify any crew.

10.2. Only vehicles towing trailers will be allowed into the boathouse car park. ALL clubs must boat from UL, for those that do not boat from UL usually please get in touch. There will be adequate racking available for all visiting clubs.

10.3. The Allom Cup is run for the benefit of the competitors, and ULBC endeavour to provide an enjoyable day, with fair racing for all. The marshals are there for your safety and therefore please obey their instructions at all times. This does not negate your own responsibility for safe navigation and conscientious behaviour.

10.4. There will be refreshments sold throughout the day in the boathouse lounge.

10.5. We ask that you treat the University of London boathouse with the respect that you show your own boat club. Failure to do so may result in not being invited to attend next year’s regatta.