The University of London Boat Club
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The University of London Boat Club (ULBC) has more Henley Royal Regatta victories than any other British University, has won at least one event a year at Henley Women’s Regatta for the past 22 years, been represented at every Olympic Games since 1960 and 212 ULBC athletes have been selected for U23 and Senior World Championship teams, winning 135 Olympic & World Championship medals.

If you are a prospective student athlete then follow this link to learn why you should choose the University Of London.

ULBC’s strategic objectives are to continue this successful path and be one of the most successful rowing clubs in Great Britain. Key elements to us achieving this are:
• To continue to get our athletes selected for the Olympic and World Championship squads on an annual basis
• To remain one of the largest single contributors to the GB Under 23 team
• To win regularly at HRR and HWR and to be amongst the top domestic competitors at the Head of the River Race (HORR) and the Women’s Head of the River Race (WHORR)

What a typical training week looks like

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morn Water Water Water Water Off
Aftrn  S&C Ergo  S&C Individualised  Session Water
Eve  S&C Ergo Ergo

S & C = Strength and conditioning

(For athletes who have to travel a long distance, overnight accommodation at the Boathouse is available before morning outings)

What sort of people typically join ULBC

UL typically recruits 3 types of people with the common factor of all wanting to succeed:

> Postgraduate students coming to London to pursue their studies, often from outside the UK.

> School leavers going to University with rowing experience up to and including World Junior Championship level.

> Rowers who have learnt to row with their UL college club but now have the ability to compete at a higher level

What sort of ergo scores we are looking for

Athletes should be able to demonstrate the potential to reach the following minimum ergo times for a 2k test:

Hvywt men Ltwt men Hvywt women Ltwt women
6.20              6.40            7.20                   7.40